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Release Progress: 0.7.0

This page is for tracking 0.7.0 from planning through to release Current status:

Freeze Target: 2008/11/23
Release Target: w/e 2008/11/30
If you're looking for the current release, please go to the Get Kamaelia page since it always links to the current version

Draft Release Notes

SuSE packaging for Axon & Kamaelia in done

Repackaging for a new release seems relatively simple

DVB_Multiplex component changed to support multiple adapters (ie not just adapter0)

DVB/Core.py, DVB/Tuner.py changed to automatically pick up which DVB tuning class. Now supports DVB-C (in holland) as well.

Extended Kamaelia.Util.Console.ConsoleReader to have clean shutdown

Tyson's File Append component:

Implemented better graphline shutdown on branch private_MPS_ImprovedGraphlineShutdown:

It extended Graphline slightly such that, when a message is received on the Graphline's "control" inbox, that the message is copied to all subcomponents' "control" inbox, as long as they don't already have anything linking there already.

If a shutdown message is sent to the graphline, the graphline will now terminate normally, after having passed on that message to subcomponents.

Example of usage here: DemoShutdown.py

Also now has a decent test suite.

Work in progress - Bumped to 0.8.12

Note: "if not done by" is a means of timing out ownership of an item. It makes no judgement other than that.

Awaiting review/merge

Bumped to 0.8.12

Current outline plans discussed: