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Reading debugging configuration files

The readConfig() method reads debugging configuration from the specified file.

Each call to output debugging information specifies what section it belongs to and the level of detail it represents. A configuration file specifies what sections should be expected and what maximum level of detail should be output for each.

Debugging configuration file format

Debugging configuration files are simple text files.

  • Comments are lines beginning with a hash '#' character
  • Blank lines are permitted
  • Configuration lines are a space (not tab) separated triple of section name, level of detail, and location

For example:

# The following tags are for debugging the debug system

debugTestClass.even         5  default
debugTestClass.triple       10 default
debugTestClass.run          1  default
debugTestClass.__init__     5  default
debugTestClass.randomChange 10 default

For a given section, the level number specifies the maximum level of detail that you want outputted. Any calls to output debugging information for that section but with a higher level number will be filtered out.

The final location field is currently not used. It is recommended to specify "default" for the moment.



Reads debug configuration from the specified file.

Returns a dictionary mapping debugging section names to maximum levels of detail to be output for that section.


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