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class postoffice(object)

The post office looks after linkages between postboxes, thereby ensuring deliveries along linkages occur as intended.

There is one post office per component.

A Postoffice can have a debug name - this is to help differentiate between postoffices if problems arise.

Methods defined here

__init__(self[, debugname])

Constructor. If a debug name is assigned this will be stored as a debugname attribute.


Provides a string representation of a postoffice, designed for debugging

deregisterlinkage(self[, thecomponent][, thelinkage])

Stub for legacy

islinkageregistered(self, linkage)

Returns a true value if the linkage given is registered with the postoffie.

link(self, source, sink, *optionalargs, **kwoptionalargs)

link((component,boxname),(component,boxname),**otherargs) -> new linkage

Creates a linkage from a named box on one component to a named box on another. See linkage class for meanings of other arguments. A linkage object is returned as a handle representing the linkage created.

The linkage is registered with this postoffice.

Throws Axon.AxonExceptions.BoxAlreadyLinkedToDestination if the source is already linked to somewhere else (Axon does not permit one-to-many).

unlink(self[, thecomponent][, thelinkage])

unlink([thecomponent][,thelinkage] -> destroys linkage(s).

Destroys the specified linkage, or linkages for the specified component.

Note, it only destroys linkages registered in this postoffice.


Destroys all linkages made with this postoffice.


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