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class realsink(list)

realsink(notify[,size]) -> new realsink object.

A working piece of storage for postboxes, that behaves a bit like a list.

Stores data given to it by calling append(), up to a limit after which Axon.AxonExceptions.noSpaceInBox exceptions are raised.

Calls the 'notify' callback when append() is called. Calls any callbacks in the self.wakeOnPop list when pop() is called.

Keyword arguments:

  • notify -- notify() is called whenever append() is called
  • size -- None, or the maximum number of items this storage can hold

Methods defined here

__init__(self, notify[, size])

x.__init__(...) initializes x; see x.__class__.__doc__ for signature.

append(self, data)

Appends item to the list, or raises Axon.AxonExceptions.noSpaceInBox exception if the number of items already meets the size limit.

Calls self.notify() callback

pop(self, index)

Returns an item from the list, or raises IndexError if there are none.

Calls all callbacks listed in self.wakeOnPop

setShowTransit(self, showtransit, tag)

Set showTransit to True to cause debugging output whenever a message is delivered to this storage. The tag can be anything you want to identify this occurrence.


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