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Simple Pygame application framework

A component that sets up a pygame display surface and provides a main loop and simple event dispatch framework.

The rendering surface is requested from the Pygame Display service component, so this component can coexist with other components using pygame.

Example Usage


class SimpleApp1(PyGameApp):

def initialiseComponent(self):
self.addHandler(MOUSEBUTTONDOWN, lambda event : self.mousedown(event))
def mainLoop(self):
... draw and do other stuff here... return 1
def mousedown(self, event):
print "Mouse down!"

app = SimpleApp1( (800,600) ).run()

How does it work?

Subclass this component to implement your own pygame 'app'. Replace the mainLoop() stub with your own code to redraw the display surface etc. This method will be called every cycle - do not incorporate your own loop!

The self.screen attribute is the pygame surface you should render to.

The component provides a simple event dispatch framework. Call addHandler and removeHandler to register and deregister handlers from events.

More than one handler can be registered for a given event. They are called in the order in which they were registered. If a handler returns True then the event is 'claimed' and no further handlers will be called.

The component will terminate if the user clicks the close button on the pygame display window, however your mainLoop() method will not be notified, and there is no specific 'quit' event handler.


class PyGameApp(Axon.Component.component)

PyGameApp(screensize[,caption][,transparency][,position]) -> new PyGameApp component.

Creates a PyGameApp component that obtains a pygame display surface and provides an internal pygame event dispatch mechanism.

Subclass to implement your own pygame "app".

Keyword arguments:

  • screensize -- (width,height) of the display area (default = (800,600))
  • caption -- Caption for the pygame window (default = "Topology Viewer")
  • fullscreen -- True to start up in fullscreen mode (default = False)
  • transparency -- None, or (r,g,b) colour to make transparent
  • position -- None, or (left,top) position for surface within pygame window


  • control : NOT USED
  • displaycontrol : Replies from Pygame Display service
  • inbox : NOT USED
  • events : Event notifications from Pygame Display service


  • outbox : NOT USED
  • signal : NOT USED
  • displaysignal : Requests to Pygame Display service

Methods defined here


You should be using the inbox/outbox interface, not these methods (except construction). This documentation is designed as a roadmap as to their functionalilty for maintainers and new component developers.

__init__(self, screensize[, caption][, fullscreen][, depth][, transparency][, position])

x.__init__(...) initializes x; see x.__class__.__doc__ for signature


Internal pygame event dispatcher.

For all events received, it calls all event handlers in sequence until one returns True.

addHandler(self, eventtype, handler)

Add an event handler, for a given PyGame event type.

The handler is passed the pygame event object as its argument when called.


Generator. Receive events on "events" inbox and yield then one at a time.


Call this to run the pygame app, without using an Axon scheduler.

Returns when the app 'quits'



Main loop. Do not override


Implement your runtime loop in this method here. FIXME: This is less than ideal.

quit(self[, event])

Call this method/event handler to finish

removeHandler(self, eventtype, handler)

Remove the specified pygame event handler from the specified event.

waitBox(self, boxname)

Generator. Yields until data ready on the named inbox.


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