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AIM Login

This component logs into to AIM with the given screenname and password. It then sends its logged-in OSCAR connection out of its "signal" outbox, followed by a list of any non-login-related messages it has received.

Example Usage

Login and wire the resulting OSCARClient up to a ChatManager:

class AIMHarness(component):
    def main(self):
        self.loginer = LoginHandler('sitar63112', 'sitar63112').activate()
        self.link((self.loginer, "signal"), (self, "internal inbox"))
        while not self.dataReady("internal inbox"):
            yield 1
        self.oscar = self.recv("internal inbox")
        queued = self.recv("internal inbox")

        self.chatter = ChatManager().activate()
        self.link((self.chatter, "heard"), (self, "outbox"), passthrough=2)
        self.link((self, "inbox"), (self.chatter, "talk"), passthrough=1)
        self.link((self.chatter, "outbox"), (self.oscar, "inbox"))
        self.link((self.oscar, "outbox"), (self.chatter, "inbox"))
        self.link((self, "internal outbox"), (self.chatter, "inbox"))
        while len(queued):
            self.send(queued[0], "internal outbox")
        while True:
            yield 1


You can also run LoginHandler by itself. This is useful for debugging:

LoginHandler("kamaelia1", "abc123").run()

How it works

First, LoginHandler connects to the authorization server at login.oscar.aol.com and gets the address of the Basic Oscar Service server, the port to connect on, and an authorization cookie. It connects to the BOS server, which after some negotiation sends LoginHandler a list of the services it supports and their service versions. LoginHandler then finds out rate limits and service limitations. Then LoginHandler tells the server it is ready to begin normal operation as an AIM client.

At this point the server recognizes us as a functioning AIM client. LoginHandler unlinks its internal OSCARClient and passes the OSCARClient out of the "signal" outbox. LoginHandler also collects any additional messages from OSCARClient and sends them out of its "signal" outbox. Now any component that connects to that OSCARClient will be able to send and receive AIM messages.


class LoginHandler(Kamaelia.Protocol.AIM.OSCARClient.SNACExchanger)

LoginHandler(screenname, password, [versionNumber]) -> new LoginHandler component

Once started, LoginHandler logs in to AIM and sends the primed connection out of its "signal" outbox.

Keyword arguments:

  • versionNumber -- the version of OSCAR protocol we are using. Default 1.


  • control : NOT USED
  • _clock : Receives timout messages
  • inbox : Receives messages from the server


  • outbox : Send messages to the server
  • signal : Also sends messages to the server

Methods defined here


You should be using the inbox/outbox interface, not these methods (except construction). This documentation is designed as a roadmap as to their functionalilty for maintainers and new component developers.

__init__(self, screenname, password[, versionNumber])

x.__init__(...) initializes x; see x.__class__.__doc__ for signature


Send some parameters up to the server, then signal that we're ready to begin receiving data.


Connects to the AIM authorization server, says hi, and waits for acknowledgement.

extractBOSandCookie(self, reply)

Extracts BOS server, port, and auth cookie from server reply.


Gets BOS and auth cookie.


Requests and waits for MD5 key.


Request rate limits, wait for reply, and send acknowledgement to the server.


. Get the server's reply on rights and limitations


Gets BOS and auth cookie, negotiates protocol, and then passes the connection + any non-login-related messages out.


Negotiates protocol.

parseRateInfo(self, data, numClasses)

Does something useful with the information about rate classes that the server sends us and returns the acknowledgement we are supposed to send back to the server.


Unlink the internal OSCARClient and send it to "signal". Also collect any unused messages from OSCARClient and send them out through "signal".

Discards old connection to authorization server, connects to BOS, says hi, and waits for acknowledgement.


Request that the server tell us our rights and limitations for the services that were accepted.


Waits for supported services list from server, requests service versions, and waits for server acknowledgement of accepted service versions.

Methods inherited from Kamaelia.Protocol.AIM.OSCARClient.SNACExchanger :


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