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Triggered File Reader

This component accepts a filepath as an "inbox" message, and outputs the contents of that file to "outbox". All requests are processed sequentially.

This component does not terminate.

Drawback - this component uses blocking file reading calls but does not run on its own thread.


class TriggeredFileReader(Axon.Component.component)

TriggeredFileReader() -> component that reads arbitrary files


  • control : Shut me down
  • inbox : filepaths to read


  • outbox : file contents, 1 per message
  • signal : Signal my shutdown with producerFinished

Methods defined here


You should be using the inbox/outbox interface, not these methods (except construction). This documentation is designed as a roadmap as to their functionalilty for maintainers and new component developers.



Main loop

readFile(self, filename)

Read data out of a file


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