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DVB-T (Digital Terrestrial TV) Tuner & Demuxing Service

Tunes to the specified frequency, using the specified parameters, using a DVB tuner device; then demultiplexes packets by packet ID (PID) from DVB/MPEG transport streams. Provides this as a service, to which other components can subscribe as clients, requesting to receive packets with certain PIDs.

This is a prefab component built out of a Tuner and DemuxerService component.

Example Usage

(Using experimental Kamaelia.Experimental.Services components)

Set up receiver as a named public service, then subscribe to specific PIDs for recording a stream and some event information:

feparams = {
    "inversion" : dvb3.frontend.INVERSION_AUTO,
    "constellation" : dvb3.frontend.QAM_16,
    "code_rate_HP" : dvb3.frontend.FEC_3_4,
    "code_rate_LP" : dvb3.frontend.FEC_3_4,

RegisterService( Receiver(505.833330, feparams),

Pipeline( Subscribe("DEMUXER", [600,601]),

Pipeline( Subscribe("DEMUXER", [18]),

How does it work?

This component is a prefab combining a Tuner and a DemuxerService component.

Use this component in exactly the same way as you would use the Kamaelia.Device.DVB.DemuxerService component. The only difference is that requests should be sent to the "inbox" inbox, instead of a different one.

To request to be sent packets with particular PIDs, send messages of the form:

("ADD", (dest_component, dest_inboxname), [pid, pid, ...]) ("REMOVE", (dest_component, dest_inboxname), [pid, pid, ...])

For more details, see Kamaelia.Device.DVB.DemuxerService.

Internally, the DemuxerService component is wired so that its requests for PIDs go straight back to the Tuner component. When a client makes a request, the DemuxerService therefore automatically asks the Tuner to give it only the packets it needs to satisfy all its current clients.

This component will terminate if a shutdownMicroprocess or producerFinished message is sent to the "control" inbox. The message will be forwarded on out of the "signal" outbox just before termination.


prefab: Receiver


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