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Entuple data

Receives data on its "inbox" inbox; wraps that data inside a tuple, and outputs that tuple from its "outbox" outbox.

Example Usage

Taking console input and sandwiching it in a tuple between the strings ("You" and "said") and ("just" and now"):

Pipeline( ConsoleReader(),
          Entuple(prefix=["You","said"], postfix=["just","now"]),
At runtime::
>>> Hello there!
('You', 'said', 'Hello there!', 'just', 'now')

How does it work?

At initialisation specify a list of items to be placed at the front (prefix) and back (postfix) of the tuples that are output.

When an item of data is received at the "inbox" inbox; it is placed inside a tuple, after the prefixes and before the postfixes. It is then immediately sent out of the "outbox" outbox.

For example: if the prefix is [1,2,3] and the postfix is ['a','b'] and the item of data that arrives is 'flurble' then (1,2,3,'flurble','a','b') will be sent to the "outbox" outbox.

If Entuple receives a shutdownMicroprocess message on its "control" inbox, it will pass it on out of the "signal" outbox. The component will then terminate.


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