Release Progress: 0.7.0

This page is for tracking 0.7.0 from planning through to release
If you're looking for the current release, please go to the Get Kamaelia page since it always links to the current version

Draft Release Notes

  • SuSE packaging for Axon & Kamaelia in done
    • Repackaging for a new release seems relatively simple
      • grab the SRPM, do a rpmbuild -bp specfile
      • copy the new tar ball into the SOURCES directory
      • edit the specfile to update it to point at the new tarball, and update the change log
      • Then rebuild the binary rpm using rpmbuild -bb specfile
      • Test it, by installing the new binary file
      • Assuming you're happy with the results, build a source RPM as well using: rpmbuild -bs specfile
      • Upload, announce, be happy.
      • Tell the nice people at suse that you've done this :-)
  • DVB_Multiplex component changed to support multiple adapters (ie not just adapter0)
  • DVB/, DVB/ changed to automatically pick up which DVB tuning class. Now supports DVB-C (in holland) as well.
    • python_dvb3 bindings updates to 0.0.5 - added in a support function.
  • Extended Kamaelia.Util.Console.ConsoleReader to have clean shutdown
  • Tyson's File Append component:
    • Merged onto branch private_MPS_FileAppender
    • Cleaned up, documentation added, extended slightly
  • Implemented better graphline shutdown on branch private_MPS_ImprovedGraphlineShutdown:
    • It extended Graphline slightly such that, when a message is received on the Graphline's "control" inbox, that the message is copied to all subcomponents' "control" inbox, as long as they don't already have anything linking there already.
    • If a shutdown message is sent to the graphline, the graphline will now terminate normally, after having passed on that message to subcomponents.
    • Example of usage here:
    • Also now has a decent test suite.
      • Worth investigating how to extract and generalise the general test pattern from this.

Work in progress - Bumped to 0.8.12

Note: "if not done by" is a means of timing out ownership of an item. It makes no judgement other than that.
  • Awaiting review/merge
      • Reclaimed by Michael 2/11/08. If not merged by 5/11/08, becomes unclaimed again.

Bumped to 0.8.12

Current outline plans discussed:
  • Merged of Chong's Google Summer of code project - 3D visualisation work (since this is something I actually need sooner rather than later)
  • Flesh out somewhat...
  • Packaging up of the whiteboard (pdf) as a standalone app
  • Packaging up of the batch file processor (image/video transcoder) as a standalone app (or better packaging than this)
  • A mirror of the Ben's Kamaelia AWS code into Kamaelia.Apps.AWS, if it's at a stage where it's ready. (aside from reviews etc)
  • Merge of Jason's google summer of code on on extensions/improvements to the HTTP server code, including a better example of the seaside like functionality. (I think Kamaelia Publish itself should probably wait until 0.8.12 or 0.9.X) Probably after it gets a clearer name.
  • Perhaps initial work on integration of the STM code into the CAT. (The what? The STM and CAT tools were discussed at pycon uk) Though I suspect this will get started now, and merged in 0.8.12
  • 2.6 cleanups (probably based on hinting from 2to3), and work started on a 3.0 autoconversion/build system.
  • Other stuff I'd like to see includes : work started on rationalising Kamaelia.File, Full review and merge of UDP_ng code in place of current UDP code, basic "connected" UDP server support (perhaps) (ie such that it can be used as a drop in replacement for TCPServer in ServerCore)


Current status:

Freeze Target: 2008/11/23
Release Target: w/e 2008/11/30

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