Todos for Michael

For dev period ending Dec 15
(this gets shorter as stuff gets done... :)
  • Add in auth framework
  • Create Project Task Pages for:
    • Whiteboard - Headless server
    • Whiteboard - Headless (audio only) client
      • Whiteboard - Improve audio quality
    • Database component ideas - to capture requirements
    • TCP components - to capture desire for test first rewrite
      • Include correct shutdown in TCP Client
    • Bit Torrent
      • Tools for completely self contained diagnostic. (eg integration with kamaelia webserver, etc)
The rest...

Review aims & goals (ongoing)
Integrate the blog/discussion fora into the main site.

Look into 100% cpu issues and client connection handling.

Procure replacement hardware for Macro
Check win32 pygame issues have been fixed
Test release on GP2X, Mac OS X, Windows (!)

Look into moving code from Whiteboard, Compose & Show into the main code tree
Write up what we want from the website & release going forward.
Document, backplane & UDP components
Write documentation including poster for Macro
Weekly meeting notes
Restart Monthly reports, do last, and perhaps work backwards
Improve website documentation - long spiely text and how its used.
Audit/update documentation as needed

Check that all functionality removed in Box optimisation merge has been restored.
Write up BBC Research GSoC experiences
Add GSoC application notes to the wiki when up
Summer of code: communicate results of summer code (publicly & internally)
Follow up internally regarding one sider, make poster into a poster (!)

Write detailed design document for Proper Macro
/document/ Kamaelia Macro better?

Integrate demo for 3D stuff integrating video
Fix throughput & capture issues for Alsa
Move Alsa components into Kamaelia.Devices
Propose candidate components to move into release tree.
Review and tighten up changes to:
  • Selector
  • TCP Client stack
  • Pipeline & Graphline shutdown
  • Backplane & associated shutdown elements

Review Selector improvements
Review Matt's recent branch ready for merge.
Review tokenlists_to_lines vs lines_to_tokenlists code
Install debian & fedora box
Turn debian box into a debian build box
Consider aims for the Axon/Kamaelia Christmas release
Add & checkin the proposed components into RELEASE branch
Sort out release scripts
Sort out the contents of RELEASE branch vs what was on 0.5.0 (!)


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