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Dev Period Ending Jan 5th 2007

Happy New Year!

Dev Period Ending Dec 15th

Compose PTP created, development roadmap started on it.

Largely blocked by other work this week. Small things: updated Axon page.

Dev Period Ending Dec 8th

Improved recent changes

Finished PTP for Whiteboard

Created internal PTP for Kamaelia Options for the World Service. (Sorry, only inside the BBC...)

Synced kamaelia.sf.net with latest cerenity CVS version

Investigated (and fixed) why dojo wasn't working with Mac OS X and headings/preformatted correctly. (bug in 0.4.0 release fixed since)

Dev Period Ending Dec 1st

Bimonthly meeting

Explained purpose and design approach behind project task pages, and brainstormed ideas.

Created basic paper version of project task pages using Macro as an example

Created PTP template on wiki, which is automatically pulled in for /Developers/Projects/AnythingHere

Notified mailing list about PTPs

Isolated & fixed wiki issues for Mac OS X

Created up to date PTP for Kamaelia Macro and Multicast Proxy Tools
Started PTP for Whiteboard

Wiki shifted over to kamaelia.sourceforge.net

PTPs created that allow us to see current work clearly

Fleshed out list of PTPs that need fleshing out (!)

Dev Period Ending Nov 21

Brought Current Status overview up-to-date

Created & rolled out new home page (currently here)

Changed/simplified website template

Publicise (via the website dev console) the process for contributing to Kamaelia - Uploaded sample contributor agreement - Created a page on contributing to the project - Send out contributor agreement to Anagha & Devendra

Set up new office :) (final move for now hopefully)

Dev Period Ending Nov 10

Rolled out start of website revamp. Wiki engine and CDML renderer from Cerenity running. Website revamp won't be complete until cerenity blog engine integated as well.

Changed website front page to consist of a number of includes, and title change. (Intermediate changes before full revamp) Updated developer console to reflect things that should be checked.

Created a developer console, which is intended as a useful resource for kamaelia devs.

Updated news pages

Added note that Current Status page need updating

Added unsuccessful, but detailed SOC proposals to the website (via Projects link)

Created initial version of public todo lists

Captured Matt's current projects into the projects page (I need to do the same)

Updated project direction to give an idea of current work areas. Probably need to make the fact that things reusuable should be extracted clearer. (thinking of the backplane)

Created first draft of a project mission, goals, direction page.

Discussed idea of laying out the Projects space for Project Task Pages, decided on page tagging instead.

Pulled in the Challenges into the Projects page as classifications of already done work in these areas. Started documenting the work so far of P2P/Multicast island joining - noting work already relevent done/in progress.


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