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Components for parsing PSI data in DVB MPEG Transport Streams

DVB MPEG Transport Streams carry, on certain PIDs, tables of data. Some tables contain data explaining the structure of services (channels) being carried, and what PIDs to find their component audio and video streams being carried in.

Others carry ancilliary data such as electronic programme guide information and events, or time and date information or the frequencies on which other multiplexes can be found.

Tables are delivered in 'sections'.

The parsing process is basically:

  • Use appropriate Kamaelia.Device.DVB component(s) to receive and demultiplex and appropriate PID containing table(s) from a broadcast multiplex (transport stream)
  • Use Kamaelia.Device.DVB.Parse.ReassemblePSITables to extract the table sections from a stream of TS packets
  • Feed these raw sections to an appropriate table parsing component to parse the table. These components typically convert the table from its raw binary form to python dictionary based data structures containing the same information, but parsed into a more convenient form.

For a detailed explanation of the purposes and details of tables, see:

  • ETSI EN 300 468 "Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB); Specification for Service Information (SI) in DVB systems" ETSI / EBU (DVB group)


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