April 2024 - This site, and Kamaelia are being updated. There is significant work needed, and PRs are welcome.


Current Releases



The first release of the Kamaelia "refresh" project has been made:

These assume Python 3 only. This should be considered an alpha release. The older python 2.7 releases are no longer supported with immediate effect.

Historical Note

Over time, Kamaelia and Axon have had numerous releases. As of Feb 2024, the project is adopting semantic versioning inline with other projects the core maintainer maintains. Previously the project used a numbering system akin to Ubuntu (based on dates) and before that a more adhoc approach. This is changing with immediate effect.

Semver rationale:

Specifically this means for STABLE releases:

For DEVELOPMENT releases:

This aspect for Development/experimental releases is not something which Semantic versioning tends to deal with by default.

Version Mapping

Prior to the refresh, the last releases were:

To simplify things, for both Axon & Kamaelia:

The base version for the new versioning following semantic versioning was rationalised as follows: The new BASE release version numbers for BOTH Kamaelia and Axon going forward was chosen to be 1.13.31 . The reason for 31 not 30, is because this is will be the 31st release.

Since then we’ve had a public release, which is 1.14.32. Later iterations will increase as per “Semver rationale” above.

List of Releases