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SoC Project: "OH Kamaelia!"

There was one project application in this area that is summarised here. This page contains the depersonalised content, which can be consolidated as necessary. The depersonalisation is for privacy reasons, credit is here due to those who spent the time writing these descriptions.

As an aside, this was possibly the most entertaining project title! Well, at least the short form. Never thought of Kamaelia as an expletive before... :-)

Project Title: OH-Kamaelia ([O]DMRP based Ad [H]oc extensions to [Kamaelia])

Benefits to Kamaelia: Extend Kamaelia framework to mobile ad hoc networks (MANETS) and make immediate content sharing possible in MANETS through Kamaelia framework.


Kamaelia is a framework for online content delivery. Currently Kamaelia does not support mobile ad hoc wireless networks (MANETS). However, the proliferation of networking enabled mobile devices calls for ad hoc networking capabilities to overcome the lack of dedicated networking infrastructure. On-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol (ODMRP) is a leading multicast protocol for ad hoc networks. Simplicity, high-packet delivery ratio and non-dependency on a specific unicast protocol are the strengths of ODMRP. Based on ODMRP, this project extends Kamaelia framework to mobile ad hoc networks.

Problem Overview
Kamaelia content delivery framework does not support ad hoc networking. However, more and more networking enabled devices are found in environments without dedicated networking infrastructure. Despite such limitations, the proliferation of the mobile devices continue at a staggering pace. In the first quarter of 2006 alone Apple has recorded over 8.8 million iPod sales. Although iPods lack networking capabilities, the possible usability improvements and daily decreasing hardware costs make networking an attractive option. On the other hand, other mobile devices such as PDAs and digital cameras already have built in networking. Such devices rely on Bluetooth or Infrared based protocols to overcome infrastructure limitations. But those protocols require specialized hardware and also have limited communication capabilities.
ODMRP based on network broadcasting is a leading ad hoc network multicasting protocol. The broadcast nature of ODMRP ensures high packet delivery ratios. In addition, the simplicity of the protocol makes it particularly suitable for mobile devices with limited hardware. Extending Kamaelia framework to ad hoc networking based on ODMRP has immediate benefits. It makes immediate availability of content possible (i.e. imagine the opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympics. There will be millions of digital cameras taking pictures of the event. The Kamaelia framework, with ad hoc networking can make such content immediately available to BBC online community)

Will deliver:
Implement core ODMRP protocol
Integrate ODMRP multicasting with existing Kamaelia Internet multicast component
Define API for ODMRP multicast layer
Develop a proof of concept/demo application

Would like to haves:
Make all components fully cross platform compliant (depending on availability of hardware). Interested platforms are Windows, OS X and Linux
Port existing multicast applications

Project Details:
ODMRP protocol will be implemented as an application layer protocol for ad hoc networks. The protocol implementation will be based on IP broadcasting and raw sockets.
The initial development will be done in a Linux environment with cross platform portability in mind.

Project Schedule:
Tentative Schedule (activities may overlap)
Familiarize with current Kamaelia multicast API (2 Weeks)
Design and develop ODMRP protocol layer (2 Weeks)
Integrate ODMRP layer to Kamaelia multicasting API (1 Week)
Testing and documentation of the API (1 Week)
Demo application development (2 Weeks)

ODMRP protocol
IETF draft on ODMRP