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Example 8: Simple pygame based presentation tool. Components used:Graphline, Button, Chooser, Image


from Kamaelia.UI.Pygame.Button import Button
from Kamaelia.UI.Pygame.Image import Image
from Kamaelia.Util.Chooser import Chooser
from Kamaelia.Util.Graphline import Graphline
import os

path = "Slides"
extn = ".gif"
allfiles = os.listdir(path)
files = list()
for fname in allfiles:
    if fname[-len(extn):]==extn:


     CHOOSER = Chooser(items = files),
     IMAGE = Image(size=(800,600), position=(8,48)),
     NEXT = Button(caption="Next", msg="NEXT", position=(72,8)),
     PREVIOUS = Button(caption="Previous", msg="PREV",position=(8,8)),
     FIRST = Button(caption="First", msg="FIRST",position=(256,8)),
     LAST = Button(caption="Last", msg="LAST",position=(320,8)),
     linkages = {
        ("NEXT","outbox") : ("CHOOSER","inbox"),
        ("PREVIOUS","outbox") : ("CHOOSER","inbox"),
        ("FIRST","outbox") : ("CHOOSER","inbox"),
        ("LAST","outbox") : ("CHOOSER","inbox"),
        ("CHOOSER","outbox") : ("IMAGE","inbox"),

Source: Examples/example8/slideshow.py