April 2024 - This site, and Kamaelia are being updated. There is significant work needed, and PRs are welcome.

Kamaelia Publish Gateway config file

The config file format is very similar to the one used by Kamaelia WebServe and the Kamaelia Publish peer.


This section holds most of the data required to configure the server in general.


This section holds the data necessary to configure server to handle static content (javascript, images, HTML, etc).  NOTE:  This is likely to either be changed or moved elsewhere (likely the urls file) to simplify URL routing.


This section holds the configuration data for the WSGI handler.  Most of the keys are self explanitory, but are explained here for completeness's sake.  NOTE: This section currently doesn't do anything.  But it may do something when a website where people can register is set up.


This section is relevant only in the Kamaelia Publish Peer.  For this section, we'll assume that we're using the JID kamaelia_user@jabber.org.