April 2024 - This site, and Kamaelia are being updated. There is significant work needed, and PRs are welcome.

Kamaelia Publish Open Issues

This page is intended to be a big "todo" list for Kamaelia Publish.  It may or may not a lot of items that I would like to get done but may not have time for.  So this page shouldn't be construed as being a part of my GSoC work (but some of it will be).


The software still needs much more testing, so this really only represents a list of known bugs:


Make static content able to be served.

Add the capability to look up registered and possibly logged in users in a database.

Add the capability to send data between the Gateway and serving peer directly.  This can be done by either doing an XMPP file transfer or possibly bypassing XMPP altogether.

Look into getting the Peer to work on Python 2.2.  Being able to run a webserver on Symbian would be Pretty Damn Cool (tm).