April 2024 - This site, and Kamaelia are being updated. There is significant work needed, and PRs are welcome.

Kamaelia: Paint

What is it?

Kamaelia: Paint is still very much in development (so this is my "vision" of what I want 'Paint' to become). Paint will be a powerful image editing tool, it will have native support of multiple core processors and put them all to good use :-). It should handle large volumes of images and have some simple tools for animations.

Where do I get it & install it?


Something like:

Something like:

Something like:

Planned Schedule:

Progress so far

Screenshots of my progress can be found here!

July 28th: I have restructured my code so it's worth making clear what I've changed. Previously I was working with a highly modified version of the XYPad for sliders and the colour selector. However that wasn't really the Kamaelia way to approach the problem, I had left it that way for too long and the longer I worked on the XYPad the more convoluted it became. IMO the Kamaelia way was to break that down into smaller components, this way the code would be reusable for anyone else. So I've broke the XYPad into the Slider, ColourSelector and ToolBox component. The colour selector and slider are both now just some pygame widgets and the ToolBox is the Paint specific code. Recently I've also worked on input and output of images, one bug I want to note (for my own benefit) is that when you save it will merge all layers to the background. Still looking to solve it but have wasted enough time on it for now :-).


Everyone has their favourite tools in paint programs like The Gimp and Photoshop, so if there's something you'd like to see in Kamaelia: Paint feel free to edit this list and add whatever you want. No promises! Oh, and don't add "Lens Flare" :P I'll go through this list and add priorities (5-1 low to high respectively) Thanks! Dave.