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Project Task Page: Documentation

Status: Running - should always be running!
Current Developers: MS, MH
Current "inflight" dev location: website and misc
Start Date: n/a
Major Milestone date: n/a
Expected End Date: n/a
End Date: n/a
Date this page last updated: 11 April 2007
Estimated effort so far: ~50


If we, or other people want to actually use Kamaelia then it really helps if there is some documentation around; for introduction, learning and reference.


Task Sponsor: MS

Task Owner: MS

Developers: MS, MH, and all other developers, (+others?)

Users: anyone using Kamaelia or wanting to understand it

Interested third parties: HW (BBC internal)


Relevant Influencing factors:


This section is largely about WHAT has been produced, normally by WHO (in order to provide a point of contact)



Realistic possibilities arising as a result of activity on this task

Tasks that directly enable this task (dependencies)

Sub Tasks

Task Log

This is a list of time indexed day to day item. There should ideally be an entry here every time you work on this task. Ideally the time taken relating to each entry should be listed as well, preferably in man days, down to 1/4 day granuarity. (ie 2 hours). Sanity is expected to prevail when noting this down. They should be annotated by who made the entry, when, and any status changes.

When a task is running, then this is where most updates will occur.

Please put Output in bold prior to any entries where an output was produced
Please put Task status changed in bold when the entry relates to a task status change.
Example entries:

29 August 2002 : Kamaelia project first conceived :-)

29 August 2002 : therefore ... Task status changed to running

Added developers : [all]

11 April 2007 : This PTP created

11 April 2007 : Time spent to date (guesstimate) : 180 days

11 April 2007 : Work done to date:



-- Matt Hammond, 11 April 2007