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Project Task Page: Compose

Status: Stasis - Compose can create Graphline based Kamaelia systems
Current Developers: Michael
Current "inflight" dev location: /Code/Python/Kamaelia/Tools/Compose*
Start Date: August 2005
Expected End Date: n/a
End Date: na
Date this page last updated: 12 December 2006
Estimated effort so far: 20 days (est)


Compose will be a tool capable of visually composing and editting any Kamaelia system.

As Compose is created/improved, it will be capable of creating more and more complex Kamaelia based systems visually. The outcome will be a tool for generic systems, but especially networked & multimedia applications.

The potential for a graphical tool has been recognised all along, and care has been taken in the design of Axon to allow this to happen, and to ensure that any running system structure is introspectable at runtime. Indeed, first came the system, then introspection, then visual creation. Any extensions to the system (eg for non-dataflow components) are suggested to follow the same mould - text/introspectable first, graphical second.


A graphical tool provides for rapid prototyping

There is the potential for a generic "spreadsheet of applications"

There is the potential to build versions with a targeted interfaces for different user types:

As a debugging tool, the ability to visually delve inside a running system and fix things (much like opening the hood of a car) is an extremely interesting prospect - especially if this can be done in a sustainable, maintainable way.


This section is largely about WHO has influenced this task to do WHAT, and where possible WHY. It is also about WHO to contact with regard to this task to influence what's going on.

Task Sponsor: Michael Sparks

Task Owner: Michael Sparks

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Relevant Influencing factors:
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Realistic possibilities arising as a result of activity on this task

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PTP created, -- Michael Sparks, 12 December 2006