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Project Task Page: Axon Waking Producers Bugfix

Status: Running
Current Developers: MH
Current "inflight" dev location: /branches/private_MH_axon_outboxwakeups
Start Date: 20 October 2006
Expected End Date: 31 November 2006
End Date: ???
Date this page last updated: 23 February 2007
Estimated effort so far: 5 days


To get Axon to wake up producer components when a message they have sent out is consumed. This used to be a feature of axon, but was removed when Axon box delivery optimisations were implemented. This is therefore effectively a bugfix.

This allows producers to sleep if an inbox they are trying to send to becomes full (because it is size limited) and then be woken when it becomes non-full.

Needed by the Mobile reframer.



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Task Sponsor: MH, MS

Task Owner: MH

Developers involved: MH (development), MS (merge)

Users: MH, MS

Interested third parties: MH, MS, SJ (bbc internal)


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CVS branch: private_MH_axon_threads

Mainline code: /Code/Python/Axon/Axon/

Mainline code: /Code/Python/Axon/Axon/Tests

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This bug-fix brings Axon up to equivalent, but not semantically identical, functionality to the original capabilities of Axon 1.0.

Changes to behaviour/semantics

The original semantics worked for a model where both inbox and outbox sizes could be limited, and a postman microprocess would transfer data along linkages from outboxes to inboxes. In that model:

However, the box delivery optimisations removed the concept of messages being left in an outbox and a postman to carry them. Instead they are immediately and directly put into the final destination inbox.

The differences can therefore be summarised as:

In practical terms, this means that from the perspective of a component developer, behaviour has changed in the following way:

It was not deemed practical to perfectly replicate the old behaviour (without reverting to a postman style model) because of the lack of a concept of messages waiting for dispatch in the outbox.

Performance issues

It could be argued that this strategy of waking all producers may cause a significant performance hit to some Axon based systems as all producers linked to a consumer will be woken every time the consumer collects from that inbox.

An alternative would be to only wake producers when the inbox transitions from being full to becoming not-full. Alternatively, producers could only be woken if they explicitly request it.

However these ideas constitue a more fundamental change in behaviour that component developers would have to take into account, rather than being a simple bug-fix.

-- Matt Hammond, 23 February 2007