April 2024 - This site, and Kamaelia are being updated. There is significant work needed, and PRs are welcome.

Current Status

Last updated: Nov 11, 2006, Michael Sparks

Axon - Core Concurrency framework- version 1.5.1 - overview of status

  • API Stable for generator components
  • Beta status API for Thread based components
  • Non-CPU-greedy capable (scheduler can sleep and be awoken by threads)
  • Production ready (>6 months on a running system)

Kamaelia - the toy box - version 0.5.0

Full coverage of core aims (introspection, network, graphics & codec capable, graphical systems composer, large examples)

API is subject to change (hence 0.5.0 status), but includes:

  • Network - beta production ready (TCP/UDP/Multicast clients/servers)
  • Graphics/GUI capabilities - Pygame, OpenGL, Tkinter (stable)
  • Protocols - HTTP, BitTorrent - beta status
  • Codec support - Dirac (encode/decode), Vorbis(decode), Speex(encode/decode), MP3 (decode - via pymedia)
  • PyMedia based support for some audio codecs & audio capture
  • Devices:
  • Alsa, DVB (digital TV broadcast)
  • Unix Shell outs
  • eg to call transcoding tools

Larger scale systems in the distribution

  • Kamaelia Macro (timeshift & transcode what's broadcast for viewing at a more convenient time)
  • P2P Whiteboard (supporting multiple pages, linked whiteboards, audio mixing and retransmission, etc)
  • Compose - a graphical composition tool for creating pipelines
  • Axon Shell - a specialised command line allowing the launch of components as well as programs
  • Axon Visualiser - a pygame based system for visualising what's going on inside a Kamaelia system (uses a physics model (based on a lava lamp(!) )for layout that we've had repeated comments looks fun/attractive :)
  • Show - a presentation tool

Examples for many major subsystems

Extensive Documentation (at minimum detailed module level docs - ala pydoc)

Ongoing Projects
[Developer Console](/Developers/