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Deliver The Archive?

Challenge: How do we deliver a BBC repository, dozens of Terabytes in size, to every home in the UK, regularly refreshed, in a way that copes with disk failures and data loss.

Content Sharing

Challenge: Provide systems, acceptable to this mature audience. Systems that foster this culture, but ensuring that people are still paid for producing content, whilst recognising that the audience will create a lot of content themselves.

Proprietary Past, Open Future

Challenge: Open systemsfor media delivery must made to scale to very large scale unidirectional streaming, or else many of the other visions in this document falter.

P2P and Multicast, Together

Challenges:We need to build new Collaborative ClientHub protocols, allowing integration between broadcast, multicast, P2P systems and our archives. P2P and multicast systems need to be adapted to allow and take advantage of thousands of P2P sources becoming simultaneously active. Security mechanisms such that the audience can trust content is a key issue in such a system.

Who's Free Lunch is Over?

Challenge: Create a usable system for producing parallel software systems that promotes reuse, resilience, scales on new concurrent hardware platforms, and due to design naturally encourages the design of parallel software systems.

Moore's Law at Home vs Desire for Quality

Challenge: To find a way of capping the need for bandwidth usage on the client end. This may mean that research into higher quality video in smaller and smaller bit rates becomes ever more important to allow the BBC to remove Moore's law from the client side of the equation.