Things to ease development

Visual Pipe Builder - Create Systems Visually

Availability: Tools directory of Kamaelia distribution

The Visual Pipe Builder (docs to be written) allows you to visually create new applications without writing code. Currently has the following limitations:

  • You do have to copy and paste the code generated into a file and then run independently
  • The pipe builder only handles pipelines, it doesn't handle graphlines.

Someone interested in tools could really go to town with this as a project.

Axon Shell - Create Systems Incrementally, Interactively

Availability: Tools directory of Kamaelia distribution

The Axon Shell simplifies the process of interactively testing and creating a system of Kamaelia components.

Axon Visualiser - Look Inside Systems

Availability: Tools directory of Kamaelia distribution

The Axon Visualiser allows you to look inside a running application to see what's going on inside. This is especially useful for comparing what you thinkis happening with what actually is happening.


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