Summer of Code Template

Please use this for your application

If you want to propose a summer of code project, please use the following as a template. It focusses on the information we would like to see.

    Name: Please include your email address
    Project Title:
    Timezone: (this is an issue for practicality)

    Benefits to Kamaelia: (or BBC, or BBC Research, or Dirac - should always
    relate to benefit to the audience)

    Synopsis: 2 paras (maybe 3)


    This is best described in terms of what components you'd expect to deliver
    and what they'd do, along with documentation, and tests as appropriate.

    Divide these into 2 categories: "will deliver" and "given sufficient time".
    These are what you'd consider "musts" and "would like to haves". These
    don't have to be complex.

    I would aim to be simple here. Maybe 4 clear components you might already
    have an idea how to implement (even if they take a weeks), but are the core
    of much more useful components. The given sufficient time components are
    things you'd like to see yourself implementing, but aren't sure you can
    definitely do in the time available.

    Project Details:

    How you'll progress through the project, what tools and libraries you'll use.

    What particular benefits this project will achieve (eg how to use FOO in
    Kamaelia, and perhaps FOO in general). (Where FOO is your project)

    Project Schedule:

    What you will do, roughly in what order so we can have an idea of
    at what phase you should be. You could also expect to include a time line
    indicating what deliverables or stages (alpha/beta/etc) you expect to
    be at or have delivered by certain dates.

    Brief Bio:

    In here I will really need to have a clear idea of your experience with the
    various /relevant/ technologies and so on. (I've seen some bios that
    have focussed purely irrelevent infomation).

    Links to anything you might deem relevant.

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