Hack for Mashed: Speak And Learn

NOTE: This doesn't replace actually teaching - but it makes a lovely toy, in the style of a speak and spell from years ago...
This hack is a "toy" for a small child to assist them to learn to read and write. They are asked to write specific words - both textually and also using speech synthesis. What they write is then read out to them. This version is by no means "complete", but it works.

The vocabulary it teaches (currently) is from sheet one of the DFES Reception Term, Reception Year word cards for literacy in reading/writing.

Where to Get it:

First initial version here:


~/incoming/> tar zxvf Kamaelia\ Speak\ N\ Learn-1.0.0.tar.gz

Where's the Source?


~> SpeakNLearn.py


  • You need to have espeak installed
  • You need to have aplay installed
  • You need to have pygame installed

Michael, June 2008


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