Kamaelia Subversion Repository

(How to access it)

All our code is developed and held in a subversion (SVN) repository, hosted on Sourceforge. Anyone can check out a working copy of our codebase. get in touch if you'd like to become a developer, able to check stuff in. See our explanation of how we do development, to understand how our repository is structured.

Not used subversion? Download it here. This online book is an excellent reference.

Checking out a working copy

From the command line:

  • Check-out the whole repository (including all branches) This is probably a bad idea since this will be very large
    • svn co http://kamaelia.googlecode.com/svn kamaelia
  • or just /trunk for the main codebase and our current experimental developments This is probably what you want
    • svn co http://kamaelia.googlecode.com/svn kamaelia-trunk

You can check out the whole repository, but be warned, we use alot of branches - so your initial checkout may be rather large! Unless you really think you need the branches, grab the latter checkout.

Keeping abreast of check-ins:

Keep tabs on the check-ins we make by subscribing to the kamaelia-commits mailing list.


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