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How do we communicate, manage ourselves, and run our development processes?

Find out how we do our development here.

We communicate via mailing lists and IRC and hold regular weekly meetings, all according to our Kamaelia Project Processes. Anyone who wants to join in or contribute is very welcome!


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Weekly meetings are held on freenode on the #kamaelia channel:

  • Who? Anyone
  • Where? freenode, on #kamaelia
  • What? Watch the kamaelia-list mailing list for agenda. Issued at least an hour before the meeting
  • When? Check last week's meeting minutes. Normally on Thursdays at 11am UK time.

Bi-monthly meetings are an opportunity for the main project administrators (and any invitees) to meet face to face:

  • Who? Project administators and any invitees
  • Where? Varies!
  • What? Usually agreed at the preceeding weekly meetings
  • When? Check

We keep minutes of these meetings too.

Project Blog

We often post our thoughts, ideas, bugs, etc on our project blog. Generally any thoughts we have about how Kamaelia should develop. Please do join in and give your own insights.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists

General discussion:


Subversion commits: (high traffic)


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