Kamaelia's main download site is the Kamaelia project page on sourceforge:

You are highly recommended to look at the download, setup and quickstart page for instructions on getting started quickly!

Kamaelia is divided into two portions - Axon and Kamaelia. Axon forms the core concurrency toolkit, like a kernal. Kamaelia is a collection a components that use Axon to run (like user apps). You need BOTH in order to run Kamaelia based systems.

  • Kamaelia's main release currently stands at 0.5.0, and requires Axon 1.5.1 for full functionality.
  • Axon's main release currently stands at 1.5.1
  • The preferred way for ensuring you have all the dependencies is to use the Kamaelia Mega Bundle

Installation of these packages is the usual dance:

  • sudo python install

The following packages are up to date:

The following packages need updating:


Developers are particularly welcome to play with the SVN tree.

This always has more in than the releases! In the following $root refers to the directory in which you've done a checkout of the main trunk. (kamaelia/trunk)

The development approach taken is this:

  • New ideas are developed in $root/Sketches. Most new stuff is developed under $root/Sketches/DI (Where DI stands for Developer Initials.)
  • After they have proven useful for some purpose, a position is chosen in the main tree.
    • If the sketch extends Axon, the locatiion will be below $root/Code/Python/Axon/....
    • If the sketch is a collection of Kamaelia components it will be below: $root/Code/Python/Kamaelia/Kamaelia...
    • If the sketch simply glues together existing components, if it's unlikely to be extended further or is trivial is will go below:$root/Code/Python/Kamaelia/Examples...
    • If the sketch is a useful application of some kind related to Kamaelia, it will go in $root/Code/Python/Kamaelia/Tools.
  • After using the resulting components in their new location, once we're sure these components are useful and in a good place, they're added into the RELEASE branch.

New releases of Axon are created by doing the following: (NB, the scripts need updating due to change to SVN)

    while not happy with release:
    Release to sourceforge

New releases of Kamaelia are created by doing the following: (NB, the scripts need updating due to change to SVN)

    while not happy with release:
    Release to sourceforge

Updated: Michael, November 2006 (Needs updating)


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