Version: Axon 1.0


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Class hierarchy

  • __builtin__.object
    • ipc - Message base class
      • errorInformation - A message to indicate that a non fatal error has occured in the component. It may skip processing errored data but should respond correctly to future messages.
        • __init__(self, caller, exception=None, message=None)
      • newComponent - Message used to inform the scheduler of a new component that needs a thread of control and activating
        • __init__(self, *components)
        • components(self)
      • notify - Message used to notify the system of an event
        • __init__(self, caller, payload)
      • producerFinished - Message to indicate that the producer has completed its work and will produce no more output.
        • __init__(self, caller=None, message=None)
      • shutdownMicroprocess -
        • __init__(self, *microprocesses)
        • microprocesses(self)
      • status - General Status message
        • __init__(self, status)
        • status(self)
      • wouldblock - Message used to indicate to the scheduler that the system is likely to block now, why, and reasons to awaken the system
        • __init__(self, caller)

Testdoc Documentation


  • An exception & message (any object) in addition to the caller to provide a more meaningful errorInformation message where appropriate. ttbw
  • Called without arguments fails - must include caller.
  • Takes the supplied caller, and creates an errorInformation object. Checks errorInformation object is an instance of ipc.


  • Should be derived from object.


  • Groups all the arguments as a tuple of components that need to be activated/added to the run queue. Order is unimportant, scheduler doesn't care.
  • Should work without problems.


  • Returns a tuple of components that need to be added to the run queue/activated. Same test as for __init__ as they are counterparts.


  • Called without arguments fails.
  • Creates a message from a specific caller with some data payload to notify part of the system of an event.


  • Called without arguments defaults to a caller of None, message of None. Checks producerFinished is a subclass of ipc


  • Should work without problems.
  • Treats all the arguments as a tuple of microprocesses that need to be shutdown. <br>


  • Returns the list of microprocesses that need to be shutdown. This is essentially the counterpart to the __init__ test.


  • Called without arguments fails.
  • Stores the status message - for extraction by the recipient of the message. Checks object is instance of ipc.


  • Returns the status message stored inside the status object. Counterpart to __init__ test.


  • Creates a producerFinished message with specified caller & shutdown 'last' message.


  • Called without arguments fails.
  • Stores the caller in the wouldblock message. Allows the scheduler to make a decision. Checks wouldblock is a subclass of ipc.

Michael, December 2004


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