Video Cut Detector

Status: Completed
Current Developers: Matt
Current "inflight" dev location: /Sketches/MH/Video/CutDetector
Start Date: 01 December 2006
Major Milestone date: (met/slipped/missed) (optional)
Expected End Date: n/a
End Date: 10 December 2006
Date this page last updated: 10 December 2006
Estimated effort so far: 3.25


A tool to analyse a video file and output a list of (probable) locations of cuts/shot-changes in the video.

This will serve as useful input data to user controlled video manipulation applications, such as the intended front end for the mobile reframer.

This work was requested as a follow on from the Mobile Reframer - to support the front end interface being developed (a BBC internal project).

This adds a simple shot change detection capability.


Task Sponsor: SJ (BBC internal)
Task Owner: Matt
Developers: Matt
Users: SJ
Interested third parties: None
  • MUST Analyse video files of a range of formats for shot changes/cuts
  • Use ffmpeg/mencoder to decode the video
  • MUST Output a list of frame numbers of likely shot changes
  • MUST Output as XML conforming to a schema
  • MAY output additional information, such as a confiden value for each shot change detection
Relevant Influencing factors:


  • Video shot change detector command line application
  • XML Schema defining the output format
  • New components:
    • shot change detector, reimplementing JE's algorithm


  • Code
    • /Sketches/MH/Video/CutDetector/ComputeMAD.c
    • /Sketches/MH/Video/CutDetector/Makefile
    • /Sketches/MH/Video/CutDetector/DetectedCuts.xsd
    • /Sketches/MH/Video/CutDetector/
  • XML Schema:
    • /Sketches/MH/Video/CutDetector/ComputeMeanAbsDiff.pyx
  • Webpages:

Realistic possibilities arising as a result of activity on this task


Related Tasks

Tasks that directly enable this task (dependencies)

Sub Tasks

  • Seek permission to reimplement algorithm from JE's project
  • Develop shot change detection component
  • Write schema
  • Develop application

Task Log

  • 01 December 2006 - Matt : Added developer Matt. Permission obtained to re-implement algorithm and to relicence as part of Kamaelia distribution
  • 02 December 2006 - Matt : Task status changed to Running.
  • 10 December 2006 - Matt : Code complete. Task status changed to Completed.
  • 14 December 2006 - Matt : Added webpage describing how to use it . Time spent: 1/4 day


Developed during weekends.


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