Kamaelia Publish Open Issues

This page is intended to be a big "todo" list for Kamaelia Publish.  It may or may not a lot of items that I would like to get done but may not have time for.  So this page shouldn't be construed as being a part of my GSoC work (but some of it will be).


The software still needs much more testing, so this really only represents a list of known bugs:

  • When the gateway logs in, sometimes it receives messages indicating which users are online, sometimes it doesn't.  The gateway should check a user's online status with the server before assuming they are offline.


  • Make static content able to be served.
    • Static content is now served by the gateway.  The peer is capable of serving such files, but such would be REALLY slow and somewhat more complicated.
  • Add the capability to look up registered and possibly logged in users in a database.
    • Partially completed:  Registered users and whether they are logged in or not can be stored in a SQLite database.
    • sub-issue:  Get the gateway able to use more different kinds of databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
    • sub-issue:  Having to look up whether or not a user is online EVERY time will probably affect performance.  Some kind of caching system should be in place.
  • Add the capability to send data between the Gateway and serving peer directly.  This can be done by either doing an XMPP file transfer or possibly bypassing XMPP altogether.
  • Look into getting the Peer to work on Python 2.2.  Being able to run a webserver on Symbian would be Pretty Damn Cool (tm).
    • This is definitely a "would be nifty" idea.  I have no idea if this is even feasible or how much work would be involved in this.

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