This page describes the process for changing the toolchain to use different scripts.  There are two important files that you may need to edit to alter this behavior:  zipheader.unix and scripts/  To build an executable, you will need at minimum the following files from private_JMB_DescartesComponentsAdded/Apps/Kamaelia-Publish:
  • zipheader.unix
  • scripts/

There is not currently any part of that needs to be customized.


This file won't need to be changed if you have a module main with a main function in it (which is to be the main entry point to your application). Otherwise, these lines will need to be changed:

import main

This is plain old python code, so you can put whatever you want here. My advice would be to have it import and run your main module.


This file is only responsible for moving all the files into the assembly directory.  Thus, all you really have to do is move all the files that you want built into the executable into the assembly directory.

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