Project Task Page: PyMedia Audio, Pygame and misc bugfixes

Status: Completed
Current Developers: MH, MS
Current "inflight" dev location: /branches/private_MH_20070423_kamaelia_bugfixes
Start Date: 23 April 2007
Expected End Date: 30 April 2007
End Date: 27 April 2007
Date this page last updated: 30 April 2007
Estimated effort so far: 2.0


Bugfixes to fix following:

  • Kamaelia.Audio.PyMedia.Input - not working under win32 (noSpaceInBox exceptions) (see mailing list)
  • Kamaelia.UI.Pygame.Display - not working under win32 and MacOSX (freezes/unresponsive to keyboard/mouse interaction) (see IRC logs)
  • Kamaelia.Util.Chooser - not quiescent
  • Kamaelia example "" raises exception on startup: (see IRC logs)


  • Task Sponsor: MH
  • Task Owner: MH
  • Developers: MH, MS
  • Users: MH, _eris (IRC), David Montgomery
  • Interested third parties: MS
  • Requirements
    • MUST fix the bugs so the problem doesn't occur
    • SHOULD not result in any foreseeable regressions



  • Modifications to:
    • /Code/Python/Kamaelia/Kamaelia/UI/Pygame/
    • /Code/Python/Kamaelia/Kamaelia/Audio/PyMedia/
    • /Code/Python/Kamaelia/Kamaelia/Util/
    • /Code/Python/Kamaelia/Kamaelia/Tools/


  • Branch /branches/private_MH_20070423_kamaelia_bugfixes/
  • ...containing modifications to:
    • /Code/Python/Kamaelia/Kamaelia/Audio/Input/PyMedia/
    • /Code/Python/Kamaelia/Kamaelia/UI/Pygame/
    • /Code/Python/Kamaelia/Kamaelia/Util/
    • /Code/Python/Kamaelia/Tools/Show/
    • /Code/Python/Kamaelia/Kamaelia/Support/Data/
  • ... which were merged into /trunk

Realistic possibilities arising as a result of activity on this task


Related Tasks

Tasks that directly enable this task (dependencies)


Sub Tasks

  • Branch containing modifications
  • Merge of branch

Task Log

  • 2007 04 22 : Task status changed to running
  • 2007 04 22 : Added developer MH
  • 2007 04 22 : Fixed PyMedia Input code in private Sketches area. Tested by MH under win32.
  • 2007 04 23 : Created branch /branches/private_MH_20070423_kamaelia_bugfixes/
  • 2007 04 23 : Fixed PyGame Display bug. Verified working on win32 by MH and MacOSX by eris_
  • 2007 04 23 : Imported fixed PyMedia Input code from Sketches
  • 2007 04 23 : Fixed quiescence in Chooser - tested by MH in tool
  • 2007 04 25 : Time spent 1.5 days
  • 2007 04 22 : Task status changed to stasis - waiting for test feedback from David Montgomery
  • 2007 04 27 : Removed developer MH
  • 2007 04 27 : Added developer MS
  • 2007 04 27 : Task status changed to running - decided to proceed anyway (MH has already tested on win32)
  • 2007 04 27 : Branch merged
  • 2007 04 27 : Task status changed to completed
  • 2007 04 27 : Time spend 0.5 days


Note this branch was renamed (logged by svn as a copy operation). The original branch point is revision r2887. The renaming occurred at revision r2899.

PyMedia Input bug was two-fold:

  • Not handling when pymedia returns "None" instead of string like (not actually string) data; or empty strings
  • Not handling noSpaceInBox exceptions - more likely if pumping out small fragments of data, and never really pausing/waiting

PyGame Display bug:

  • win32 and MacOSX limitations in pygame/SDL require the display to be initialised, and event handling to be done in the application's main thread - not a child thread. Fixed by moving everything into the main thread, but still keeping the child thread as a passive observer that makes sure the main component gets woken up if events are waiting. bug:
  • misunderstood use of the xml.sax.make_parser call - should have provided a list of strings as an argument rather than a string. Seems to work on Linux on test machines used by MS and MH, but problem shows up on win32 and MacOSX.
-- Matt, 25 April 2007


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