Branches & Status

Branches Ready For Merge

General branches under active development

  • py2.6_fixes/
    • Created by JMB - purpose is to fork /trunk/Code/Python to deal with any 2.6 related fixes
    • Not intended for new feature development

Personal Branches

  • private_MPS_Scratch/
    • This branch is in the process of having a fair amount of functionality and changes merged onto mainline. See also 0.6.0 planning page
    • branch will not be merged directly but have code spun out to be merged.

  • private_MPS_Games4Kids/
    • This is a collection of tools for developing simple/silly games for small kids. Work in progress. Some parts will be merged sooner rather than later.

  • private_MPS_SpeakNLearn/
    • Developed as a hack for mashed, this is an application that works and is useful, and merges in stroke/handwriting recognition onto mainline. Again, this will be merged sooner rather than later

  • private_MPS_Participate/
    • Michael's day work is currently on Participate. One of the major systems built for this is a file processor - which is inside this branch. It is likely that this will be put up for merge sooner rather than later.

  • private_MPS_MiniKamaelia_Networking/
    • Intended as a micro-distribution of Kamaelia to work around the idea that Kamaelia can be viewed as a swiss army knife, when it fact the "toy box" metaphor is perhaps better.

  • private_MH_20080523_dvbNewStuff/
    • Status unknown

GSOC Branches

Likely to have some sort of merge due to happen...
  • private_CL_Topology3D/
  • private_CL_Topology3D_gsoc2008/
  • private_DK_PaintDev/
  • private_DK_Paint_gsoc08/
  • private_JMB_PublishWebServe_gsoc2008/
  • private_JMB_Wsgi/
  • private_JT_JamDev/
  • private_JT_Jam_gsoc2008/
  • private_JT_PygameDisplayImprovements/
  • private_JT_SelectorUDP_mashed/
Likely not to be merged:
  • private_PO_Tests/

Special Branches

  • Branches that have been merged are moved here initially before deletion. (the delay is to simplify reversion if needed)
  • Branches that have been rejected are moved here initially before deletion. (just in case we change our minds!)

/merged/ Branches Pending delete

Branches that have been merged, but could be deleted, but haven't been deleted yet
  • bp_vorbis_simple_0_0_2/
  • Kamaelia_0_4_0_Deprecations/
  • Kamaelia-private_MPS_SelectorRewrite/
  • private_JL_SOC2007/
  • private_JMB_AddedIndexCapabilityToMimimal/
  • private_JMB_HTTPFixes/
  • private_MPS_AxonCoreImprovements_mashed/
  • private_MPS_HTTPImprovements/
  • private_MPS_KamaeliaLogger/
  • private_MPS_LikeFileRewrite/
  • private_MPS_PygameImprovements/
  • private_MPS_STM/
  • private_MPS_TCPServerImprovments/
  • private_MPS_TickerFix_mashed/
  • private_MPS_Tools2AppsConsolidation/
  • private_MPS_KamaeliaGrey/ - Merged - contains KamaeliaGrey

/rejected/ Branches Pending delete

Branches that have been rejected, but could be deleted, but haven't been deleted yet
  • private_JMB_MinimalFix/
  • private_JMB_Packager/
  • private_RJL_InternetChanges/
  • private_MPS_HalfCloseSupport/
    • Purpose: Branch created for redoin the half closed connection support.
    • Branch point: r2983 (old)
    • Current status: stalled - unclear what the application level logic would be that makes sense. Needs review as to worthwhile or not.
    • Changes are obscured due to complaints regarding the copyright notice at one point...
      • Likely way forward : delete and redo if needed - especially considering we do have partial half close support on /trunk already
      • svn diff -r2983:2994 -- change is relatively small.

Deleted Merged Branches

Branches in revision 4274:

  • bp_vorbis_simple_0_0_2/
  • Kamaelia_0_4_0_Deprecations/
  • Kamaelia-private_MPS_SelectorRewrite/
  • private_JMB_AddedIndexCapabilityToMimimal/
  • private_MH_20070423_kamaelia_bugfixes/
  • private_MH_20070424_kamaelia_deprecationfixes/
  • private_MH_20070425_spritebugfix/
  • private_MH_20070429_newcomponents/
  • private_MH_20070509_axonwarnings/
  • private_MH_20070522_threadedcomponent_bugfixes/
  • private_MH_20070618_docgen_improvements/
  • private_MH_20080518_DvbFixes/
  • private_MH_axon_flowcontrolinversion/
  • private_MH_axon_optimisations/
  • private_MH_axon_outboxwakeups/
  • private_MH_axon_syncboxesforthreadedcomponent/
  • private_MH_axon_threading/
  • private_MH_axon_threads/
  • private_MPS_AxonIdea/
  • private_MPS_ERModeller/
  • private_MPS_JL_AIMSupport/
  • private_MPS_JL_IRCSupport/
  • private_MPS_JL_PygameText/
  • private_MPS_SynchronousBoxes2/
  • private_MPS_UnbufferedCSASupport/
  • private_PT_SOC2007/
  • private_PT_WindowsTCPClientFix/
  • private_SH_SSLCSA/
  • private_MH_20070425_dirac0.6.0bindings/

Legacy Branches



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