Kamaelia Development Console

This page serves as a console for the development of the Kamaelia project itself, starting point, todo list, ideas, etc.


Development Guidelines

Things To Do

  • Projects - Projects at various stages of development - from idea, through development, through dead ends through to systems that work and can be enhanced.
  • Help Wanted - Specific tasks waiting for someone to tackle. This could be as simple as a code review or merge.
    • Small Tasks Page - These are currently unclaimed, but desireable - this is a subset of Help Wanted really, you can add wishlist ideas for Kamaelia as a whole here.
  • Keep Current News and Project Status up to date!
  • Speculative new ideas are always interesting, and would probably start out as sketches for things which could be useful. Componentising certain sorts of things can be a very useful endevour since they can then be reused with all the other components.

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