• May 2008 - Project revamp - the project has continued under active development since the last news updates. Specifically a new iteration of the website is planned for release which should pull in more dynamic information more obviously. This is to coincide with a new release in June 2008, based on merging work currently sitting in Kamaelia branches.

  • April 2008 - Project Mailing Lists have moved to Google Groups. You can find the Kamaelia group here

  • November 2006 - Website Revamp
    The website is undergoing a revamp at present - mainly to be online edittable rather than just offline. This should start to have some positive effects :-)

  • October 2006 - Kamaelia in December's Linux Format
    Michael has written an article on Kamaelia for this month's Linux Format - on sale October 19th. It covers how to install and use the Whiteboard application as well as basics of how to write components when building systems. The article will appear on this website when the magazine goes off sale!

  • October 2006 - Kamaelia Mega Bundle 1.4 released!
    The Kamaelia Mega Bundle has been updated for Kamaelia 0.5 and Axon 1.5.1. It includes the key dependencies that we've tested the code with, specifically for components that make use of these external libraries. (Kamaelia is usable without these, but they are nice :-)

    Libraries included: Axon, Kamaelia, BitTorrent, dirac, Dirac (python bindings), Imaging, libao, libogg, libvorbis, pyao, pycrypto, pygame, pymedia, PyOpenGL, Pyrex, pySpeex, python-dvb3, speex, vorbissimple

  • October 2006 - Kamaelia 0.5.0 Released!

    Kamaelia 0.5.0 marks a major stepping point for the Kamaelia project. It means we officially have half the capabilities we see ourselves expecting to have when we hit version 1.0, and also marks the first release where the number of external contributors to the release outweighs developers from inside the BBC, meaning this release really does belong to the Google summer of code of code students who worked on it.

    Key highlights of this release:
    Bit Torrent support; Open GL support; Nascent seaside style webserver (sessions controllable by resumable components/coroutines), massively enhanced DVB support, collaborative whiteboarding with audio (via speex) supporting daisychaining of whiteboards (since whiteboards are servers & clients), and enhanced visual system composition (ability to compose arbitrary graphs now). All of these include examples, including an Open GL interface to bit torrent, a bit torrent based simple (non-robust yet) streaming system, and a "record for me" PVR that you give the channel, and programme names to and it figures out the rest.

  • October 2006 - Axon 1.5.1 Released!
    Highlights include:
    Useful changes for a number of threaded components in the Kamaelia 0.5.0 release. Synchronous boxes (size limited) are now supported by threaded components. Furthermore, synchronous boxes can now also pause themselves should the need arise.

  • September 2006 - Meet us at Euro OSCON!
  • Our project admins will be attending EuroOSCON in Brussels. Michael will be giving a presentation entitled "Timeshift Everything, Miss Nothing, Mashup Your PVR with Kamaelia" showing some of the fun things Kamaelia now enables you to do.

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