Cookbook: AIMHarness

Sending and receiving messages over AIM is easy. AIMHarness only deals with four kinds of messages: outgoing IMs, incoming IMs, buddy online notifications, and error notifications. The first kind it receives in its inbox, and the other three are sent out through its outbox.

  • To send an instant message to another user, send the command ("message", recipient, text of the message) to its "inbox".
  • AIMHarness will send out the following notifications through its "outbox":
		NOTIFICATION                                         EVENT
("buddy online", {buddy information}) A buddy comes online
("message", sender, message text) An instant message arrives for you
("error", error message) An error occurs during the first stage of login

A simple, one-buddy AIM client using Pygame

def sendTo(recipient, text):
return ("message", recipient, text)

def outformat(data, buddyname):
if data[0] == "buddy online" and data[1]["name"] == buddyname:
return "%s is online" % buddyname
elif data[0] == "message" and data[1] == buddyname:
return "%s: %s" % (buddyname, data[2])
elif data[0] == "error":
": ".join(data)

def SimpleAIMClient(screenname, password, buddyname):
Pipeline(Textbox(position=(0, 400)),
PureTransformer(lambda text: sendTo(buddyname, text)),
AIMHarness(screenname, password),
PureTransformer(lambda tup: outformat(tup, buddyname)),


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